Bożena Płonka-Syroka
Uniwersytet Medyczny im. Piastów Śląskich we Wrocławiu
[Wroclaw Medical University]
Neohipokratyzm Thomasa Sydenhama jako próba modyfikacji klasycznego standardu patologii humoralnej
Thomas Sydenham’s neo-hipocratism as an attempt to modify classic humoral pathology standard
Many Western scholars have researched Thomas Sydenham’s profile as a reformer of classic humoral pathology standard and described his achievements in the field of medicine. I have discussed his achievements in my earlier works (1990-2016). I would like to describe the genesis of Sydenham’s modification of classic humoral pathology standard in this paper. Furthermore, I would like to explain the author’s reasoning according to medical knowledge of the era and to show reasons of “epidemic constitution” conception popularity in European modern medicine. I would like to discuss also reasons of its popularity decline among the clinicians which took place gradually even before widerspread acceptance of clinical standard of bacteriology in medicine.
Analecta – Studia i Materiały z Dziejów Nauki
[Analecta – Studies and Materials on the History of Science]
XXV, 2016, 2, 39-60